Whitaker Table with Brand Customization

Modern hardwood and blackened hot rolled steel come together in this incredible statement piece. Made of 1/2" by 4" hot rolled steel plate this coffee table tips the scale at almost 250 lbs. Inspired by the lines of Pete Mondrian as well as the curves of a surfboard this piece was designed to sail in place with a viewing portal to let the beauty of the base elevate to the viewer.

The table was initially designed for the lobbies in the Amazon AWS and Intel pavilions in New York and San Francisco. This piece for sale to the direct consumer will not have any branding as shown in some photos. If your needs are for a corporate environment we can work any type of branding into the design of the piece.

    •    Any domestic or exotic hardwood
    •    Made-to-order and fully customizable
    •    86"L x 24"W x 18"H

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