Our furniture is crafted from three species of domestic hardwoods, both abundant and sought after for furniture construction. Sourced from FSC certified forests all over North America, you can rest assured that every precaution has been taken to assure that no person, place or thing has been harmed in the harvesting of planks used our products. We are proud to produce guilt-free heirloom quality furniture, and you can sleep better at night knowing your piece isn’t just beautiful, but smart and sustainable as well.

We will happily send you a sample kit of our standard timber and Danish cord options. Please email rian@semigood.com to request samples.



American White Oak

Our white oak is selected from “rift” sawn planks. Oak has what are called medullary ray cells, which radiate from the center of a log like the curved spokes of a wheel. The rift, or comb grain, effect is obtained by cutting at an angle of about 15% off of a quartered position to avoid the flake figure of the medullary rays. This is what gives us the consistent straight grain found in all of our pieces. Some may have more evidence of these rays than others, but we keep all quartering below 45 degrees and well within industry standards. The color can vary from a pleasing off-white to a rich amber-brown, and in some cases has yielded purple tints in the heart of the figure. The natural beauty of these tones in the Oak spectrum are just one of many ways that makes each Semigood piece unique and individual.


American Black Walnut

Native to the forests of the Northeast and Upper Midwest, this rich hardwood has been sought after by fine furniture manufacturers for centuries. The color spectrum of our walnut can vary from deep chocolate brown to an iridescent purple in areas. We select our woods on tone and consistency allowing imperfections to be lost in manufacturing but keeping all of the wonderful characteristics of each piece of timber. Used not only for its beautiful rich colors, Black Walnut is an extremely dense hardwood that will stand up to even the toughest of residential and commercial applications. The combination of these characteristics are what make it a logical choice for a Semigood product.



White Ash

Our White Ash comes from Plantations in the North East as well as Canada. Varying in color range from grayish brown heartwood and pale yellow to white sapwood, this tonal range allows us to offer a very blonde hardwood that we feel completes our color spectrum. Used historically for products like tool handles and baseball bats, White Ash is a very durable and long lasting choice for furniture. Because of its naturally straight grain pattern it lends itself well to the angular lines of the Rift, while accentuating the soft curves of the Rian Collection. A real joy to work with, our white ash comes in our standard Acrylic Polyurethane finish as well as custom finishes if desired.